Suites and Studio Rooms in Indiranagar Bangalore

Suites and Studio rooms in Bangalore Indiranagar boast efficient open layouts, combining bedroom, living, and kitchen spaces, ideal for shorter stays with a blend of convenience and functionality.

Discover stylish living with our suites and studio rooms in Indiranagar Bangalore

Discover the epitome of smart living in Bangalore with our studio rooms, featuring efficient open layouts that seamlessly blend the bedroom, living, and kitchen spaces. Ideal for shorter stays, these rooms offer a harmonious mix of convenience and functionality. Experience the essence of comfort and contemporary design in our categories: Ixora Suites, Casa Suites, and Brick-loft Suites. Each suite is crafted to elevate your stay, ensuring a perfect balance between style and practicality. Whether it’s the thoughtful arrangement of spaces or the inclusion of modern amenities, our studio rooms redefine the concept of a comfortable and compact living experience. Embrace the charm of Bangalore in our well-designed accommodations, where every detail is tailored to enhance your stay, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience.

suites and studio rooms in indiranagar bangalore

Spacious 1 BHK serviced apartments with Living-dining, Bedroom with attached bathroom, Kitchenette, and balcony. Enjoy home-like comfort and easy access at your convinent.

5250.00 INR/Guest
3700.00 INR/Guest
Luxury Studio

Experience the perfect blend of home-like comfort with top-tier hotel amenities in our Luxury Studios.An ideal for medium to long-term stays.

4750.00 INR/Guest
3300.00 INR/Guest
Deluxe Studio

Discover our Deluxe Studio, designed for short and medium-term stays, offering a private bathroom, queen-sized bed, and versatile dining/work space.

4200.00 INR/Night
2900.00 INR/Night
Delux Room

Experience the perfect short stay in our cosy room with an attached bathroom, complete with a comfy queen bed, ample storage, and a convenient workspace.

4000.00 INR/Night
2500.00 INR/Night
Casa Queen Studio

Discover comfort and modern amenities, including a stylish bathroom, Living & Dining Spaces , 24/7Water, TV, and high-speed internet for work and relaxation.

4500.00 INR/Night
2500.00 INR/Night
Casa Twin Studio

Experience ultimate comfort with our spacious rooms, elegant bathrooms, and versatile living spaces, all designed for your perfect stay.

4500.00 INR/Night
2500.00 INR/Night
Casa Grande Studio

Indulge in luxurious comfort with our King-size beds, spacious wardrobes, and your own kitchen while our chef creates culinary delights at your own space.

4750.00 INR/Night
2900.00 INR/Night
Brick-Loft Penthouse with Terrace

Discover ultimate comfort in our in our well-equipped Pent house Studio with a private terrace in the heart of the City. It's designed for your relaxation.

4950.00 INR/Night
3500.00 INR/Night
Brick-Loft 2BHK Apartment Suite

Experience the perfect blend of space, privacy, and comfort in our 2BHK Suite, offering more room than a typical hotel suite for an exceptional stay.

6200.00 INR/Night
4500.00 INR/Night